Some Notable Events

§ According to a July 2024 Rasmussen Report titled "Are The News Media More Biased Than Ever?": "Hatred of the news media may be at an all-time high, and a majority of voters say media bias is still getting worse. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 61% of Likely U.S. voters believe the problem of bias in the news media is getting worse."

§ From the May 15, 2024 Wall Street Journal: "Fake studies have flooded the publishers of top scientific journals, leading to thousands of retractions" (Nidhi Subbaraman, "Counterfeit Studies Are Infecting Scientific Journals," p. A1). There is a lot of pseudoscience out there. For examples, there's a lot of gender and sexuality nonsense. And some years back, there was global cooling/coming ice age scaremongering; and now there is global warming/climate change scaremongering. More than ever, we have to be careful about what we believe. Even the sciences have been corrupted by ideologues.

§ According to a May 2024 poll (News organizations have trust issues as they gear up to cover another election, a poll finds) of American adults from the American Press Institute and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, an impressive 83% of them are at least "somewhat concerned" that news organizations will report inaccuracies or misinformation during the election. 53% are "extremely or very concerned," and 30% are "somewhat concerned." More and more people are waking up to the fact that the dominant media in this country are breathtakingly corrupt and biased.

§ According to a 2024 American Cancer Society report: "infection-related cancers are more prevalent in gay and bisexual men because anal intercourse is a common mode of viral transmission. For example, 70% of human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) infections were attributed to male-to-male sexual contact in 2019, versus 22% to heterosexual contact and 7% to injection drug use....[And] There is evidence of higher HPV [human papillomavirus] prevalence in some LGBTQ+ population groups. For example, one study of nearly 30,000 men found a prevalence of high-risk anal HPV of 41% in gay and bisexual men compared to 7% in heterosexual men among those who were HIV-negative, and 74% among HIV-positive gay and bisexual men....[Also] Compared to the general population, the prevalence of HCV [hepatitis C virus] infection is 58% higher among HIV-negative gay and bisexual men and more than six-fold higher among HIV-positive gay and bisexual men....[Too] Several case-control studies have investigated prostate cancer risk among gay or bisexual men, with mixed results. Some studies find that a history of sexually transmitted infections and many sexual partners increases the risk of prostate cancer."

Additionally, according to the same 2024 American Cancer Society report: "Lesbian and bisexual women likely have a higher risk of breast cancer due to higher prevalence of risk factors, including fewer childbirths and higher alcohol use and excess body weight....[O]ne modeling study found a 10% higher breast cancer risk among bisexual women and 6% higher risk among lesbian women compared to heterosexual cisgender women."

§ According to a 2024 Gallup poll: "LGBTQ+ identification in the U.S. continues to grow, with 7.6% of U.S. adults now identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or some other sexual orientation besides heterosexual. The current figure is up from 5.6% four years ago and 3.5% in 2012, Gallup’s first year of measuring sexual orientation and transgender identity....Increases in LGBTQ+ identification in recent years have occurred as members of Generation Z and the millennial generation have entered adulthood. Adults in these younger generations are far more likely than those in older generations to identify as LGBTQ+. Overall, each younger generation is about twice as likely as the generation that preceded it to identify as LGBTQ+. More than one in five Gen Z adults, ranging in age from 18 to 26 in 2023, identify as LGBTQ+, as do nearly one in 10 millennials (aged 27 to 42)."

So many young people just can't see how they are being manipulated, lied to, misled and indoctrinated by the extremist, corrupt, fanatically pro-LGBT left-wing establishment. Sad to say, but so many young people are being played for fools by that establishment and don't even know it.

§ The American College of Pediatricians reviewed over 60 studies on gender dysphoria and concluded: "social transition, puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones have no demonstrable, long-term benefit on psychosocial well-being of adolescents with gender dysphoria. The paper details studies that have led many countries to reject transgender interventions in adolescents in favor of psychological treatment."

§ According to a 2023 CDC report: "Record-high STDs threaten millions of Americans. From 2017 to 2021: Overall reported STDs have increased 7%....Gonorrhea increased nearly 28%. Total syphilis increased about 74%....36% of primary and secondary syphilis cases were among gay and bisexual men in 2021. 36% of gonorrhea cases in 2021 were among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men."

§ From a 2023 National Review article titled "Danish Studies: Mental, Cardiac Health Worse in Transgendered Persons": Contrary to left-wing propaganda, a Danish study on transgenders found that, AFTER the start of so-called "gender-affirming care," "The risk for mental and behavioral disorders in transgender persons increased rapidly during the first year after the index date followed by a decreasing trend, but the odds ratio remained elevated throughout follow-up, especially in transgender persons assigned male at birth [emphases ours]." An "earlier Swedish study came to a similar conclusion, finding that there is a 'substantially increased risk of mental health problems among individuals diagnosed with gender incongruence, and in particular, among those in the process of receiving gender-affirming surgery [emphasis ours].'"

Another Danish study mentioned in the National Review article "found higher risk of any CVD [cardiovascular disease] in transgenders compared to controls of same and other birth sex with the highest risk for any CVD in transgenders AFAB [assigned female at birth] compared to control men. Furthermore, the incidence rate of arterial, venous and metabolic outcomes was higher in transgenders compared to controls. GAHT [gender affirming hormone treatment] was a statistically significant mediator of risk of any CVD in transgenders AFAB."

So-called "gender-affirming care" may actually be doing more harm than good. But of course left-wing ideologues will ignore the science and instead push their ideology.

§ The rationalizations supposedly justifying "gender-affirming surgery" apparently don't hold any water and seem to be nothing more than propaganda. As a recent study titled "Are transgender people satisfied with their lives?" found: "the level of life satisfaction in transgender people was not [emphasis ours] increased in transgender who had undergone gender-affirming surgery as compared to those who were unoperated" (Katharina Grupp, Marco Blessmann, Hans-Helmut König and André Hajek, BMC Public Health 23, 1002 (2023)). Additionally, the same researchers recently found that "our data indicate that transgender and gender diverse people, who have undergone gender reassignment surgery feel lonelier. To our knowledge, this is the first study analyzing the levels of loneliness and social isolation in operated transgender and gender diverse people" (Katharina Grupp, Marco Blessmann, Hans-Helmut König and André Hajek, "Loneliness and Social Isolation among Transgender and Gender Diverse People," Healthcare (Basel). 2023 May; 11(10): 1517).

§ According to a Feb. 2023 report by Gallup and the Knight Foundation: "Only 26% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the news media, the lowest level Gallup and Knight have recorded in the past five years, while 53% hold an unfavorable view....Fifty percent of Americans feel most national news organizations intend to mislead, misinform or persuade the public....Fifty percent say there is so much bias in the news media that it is often difficult to sort out the facts."

§ "Homosexuality associated with child molestation was indexed in the U.S. and U.K. from 2012 through 2021. When 'child sexual abuse' was used as the search term in Google News, of consecutive U.S. news stories where the sex of the perpetrator and sex of the victim was revealed, 33.1% (872 of 2,632 perpetrators) violated 52.2% ( 2,965 of 5,679 victims) homosexually. In the consecutive UK stories, 44.8% (326 of 727 perpetrators) homosexually violated 89% (6,031 of 6,779 victims). Journalists---who wrote the stories brought up by Google News---[in effect] said homosexuality dominated sexual molestation of kids [emphasis ours] in both countries" ("How homosexuals convert others to homosexuality," Paul Cameron, Dec. 19, 2022).

§ Some left-wingers are finally admitting that trendy social influences, social contagion, may be affecting the gender identities of some impressionable youth. According to a November 2022 report, "Growing Body Of Evidence Shows ‘Social Influence’ Is Causing Teens To Undergo Sex Changes": "The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which supports medical interventions for children who believe they’re transgender, acknowledged the social contagion phenomenon in its newest standards of care. The guidelines acknowledged a sudden surge in 'nonbinary' identities as well as a growing number of patients who didn’t experience gender dysphoria in childhood, both signs of possible peer influence. 'For a select subgroup of young people, susceptibility to social influence impacting gender may be an important differential to consider,' the standards of care read [page S 45 of Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People, Version 8]."

§ "Contemporary American university life resembles education under the USSR, [according to] a Soviet émigrée professor. Anna Krylov, a chemist at the University of Southern California, left the Soviet Union in 1991, not long after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. [Krylov:] 'I thought I would never again experience an atmosphere of ideological control, omnipresence of ideology, policing of speech and thought, suppression of dissent, compelled speech, fear, and self-censorship,' she wrote. However, her life as a chemistry professor in a contemporary American university has reminded her repeatedly of her years under the Soviet regime. Krylov identified four totalitarian tendencies in American education that recall Soviet communism: self-censorship and fear, pervasive ideology, intolerance of dissent, and top-down social engineering."

§ From a Nov. 2022 Media Research Center study titled "The Dangerous Partisanship of TV’s Midterm Coverage": "Four years ago [in 2018], TV’s midterm coverage hammered Republican candidates and then-President Trump with 88 percent negative spin while sparing Democrats similarly bad press. This year, Democrats are in charge of the White House and both chambers of Congress, yet a new Media Research Center study of ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts finds that Republicans are receiving coverage that is just as negative (87% negative) as in 2018, while Democrats---including the President---are drawing far less scrutiny than the party out of power" (despite all the problems that Democrat policies have contributed to, like the ridiculously high level of illegal immigration, the ridiculously high inflation rate, the high crime rate, the dumbing-down of the schools, etc., etc.).

§ Looks like we're starting to finally make some progress in getting the LGBT community to drop the "born that way" charade, propaganda, big lie, that they've been spreading for decades. It took them awhile, but some are finally admitting (because, we're assuming, they want to have at least a little credibility) that there is no solid science to back up the "born that way" propaganda. A 2022 quote from trans-bi activist, author, and public speaker, Julia Serano: "None of us can precisely say for sure why we turned out to be gay, or trans, or otherwise....Nor can we say why some people come to this self-understanding as children, others during adolescence, and still others as adults" (Trudy Ring, "'Born This Way' Or Not?," The Advocate, Sept./Oct. 2022, p. 20).

§ "There have been 112 speakers, signs, statues and other targets completely canceled on campus during the last academic year, and another 74 attempted cancelations, according to The College Fix’s Campus Cancel Culture Database, which tracks such incidents....Over the past 12 months, professors’ comments or their research were most likely to lead to some sort of cancelation, whether the scholar was fired, suspended, disinvited or shouted down. There were a total of 41 such incidents during the 2021-22 school year, with 20 professors outright canceled and another 21 who faced protests." (College Fix).

§ "The U.K.'s Health Security Agency said Monday [June 13, 2022] that there were now 470 cases of monkeypox across the country [England], with the vast majority in gay or bisexual men" ("UK finds 140 more cases of monkeypox as outbreak spreads," Chicago Tribune, June 14, 2022, section 2, p. 4). In the U.S., in 2022 the liberal states of California, Illinois, and New York have declared monkeypox states of emergencies so far. (It's no coincidence that liberal states have been most affected by monkeypox, because sexually "liberal" lifestyles have been connected to sexually transmitted diseases for decades.) "The [monkeypox] virus is spreading mostly among men who have sex with other men, public health officials at all levels have said" (Jake Sheridan, "Pritzker declares monkeypox a public health emergency in state," Chicago Tribune, Aug. 2, 2022, section 1, p. 2). According to an August 2022 CDC report, "Among U.S. monkeypox cases with available data, 99% occurred in men, 94% of whom reported recent male-to-male sexual or close intimate contact." Yet another disease, like AIDS and syphilis, which helps demonstrate that male homo/bisexual behaviors are relatively so unsanitary and unsafe that they are the main vectors for a number of diseases. And it's another disease the government has to spend taxpayer money on largely due to male homo/bisexuals. Makes you wonder what it's going to take to wake them up.

§ A nice admission from a radically liberal magazine: “[T]he left controls the commanding heights of the culture: universities, news organizations, Hollywood, art museums, advertising, much of Silicon Valley, and the teachers’ unions and teaching colleges that shape K–12 education. And in many of those institutions, dissent has been stifled” (Jonathan Haidt, “Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid,” The Atlantic, April 11, 2022).

§ From a Dec. 29, 2021 article in the Washington Post: "Last year, this city’s [Chicago's] Boystown gayborhood faced a racial reckoning after one bar owner tried to ban rap music and others were accused of oppressive dress codes and underpayment of non-White staff. That summer’s Drag March for Change alleged broad racism, sexism and transphobia among LGBT Boystown businesses....[According to one lesbian:] 'You go to a gay bar, and you feel like an invader, invading their misogyny....They bully lesbians'" ("In the face of hostility at Chicago gay bars, two Black lesbians create their own" by Richard Morgan).

§ According to a 2021 study by Joel Mittleman, assistant professor of sociology at Notre Dame, "Roughly 52 percent of gay men in the U.S. have a bachelor's degree, while the overall national number for all adults in the U.S. is 36 percent. Six percent of gay men in the U.S. have an advanced degree (J.D., M.D. or Ph.D.), which is about 50 percent higher than that of straight men. This holds true for gay men in the four largest racial/ethnic groups (white, Black, Hispanic and Asian)." As to why homosexual men tend to excel academically, Mittleman proposes the hypothesis "that gay men respond to societal homophobia by overcompensating in achievement-related domains."

§ According to an Oct. 2021 Gallup poll titled "Americans' Trust in Media Dips to Second Lowest on Record": "Americans' trust in the media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly has edged down four percentage points since last year to 36%, making this year's reading the second lowest in Gallup's trend. In all, 7% of U.S. adults say they have 'a great deal' and 29% 'a fair amount' of trust and confidence in newspapers, television and radio news reporting....In addition, 29% of the public currently registers 'not very much' trust and 34% have 'none at all.'"

§ According to a July 2021 Rasmussen survey titled "58% Of Voters Agree: Media Are ‘Enemy of the People’": "Voters overwhelmingly believe 'fake news' is a problem, and a majority agree with former President Donald Trump that the media have become 'the enemy of the people.' A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports finds that 58% of Likely U.S. Voters at least somewhat agree that the media are 'truly the enemy of the people,' including 34% who Strongly Agree."

§ According to a March 2021 study by Prof. Eric Kaufmann titled Academic Freedom in Crisis: Punishment, Political Discrimination, and Self-Censorship: "Findings accumulated over a decade convincingly show that a majority of conservative academics experience a hostile environment for their beliefs in US…universities….[There is] significant structural discrimination against them in the higher education sector….Conservatives in academia are outnumbered at least 6:1 by those on the left, rising to between 9 and 14 to 1 among current social science/humanities scholars. This compares with a ratio of about 2:1 in other professions.”

§ According to a Feb. 2021 Gallup poll: Gallup's latest update on lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender identification finds 5.6% of U.S. adults identifying as LGBT. The current estimate is up from 4.5% in Gallup's previous update based on 2017 data." Assuming the "data" are accurate and are not manipulative propaganda (which the "data" very well could be given the "questionable" moral values of pro-LGBT people), it is more evidence that many many abnormal sexual orientations are NOT inborn but are products of their environments (e.g., sexual abuse, psychological grooming, etc.). Among some youth, identifying as LGBT is a fad, and is a choice. (And if straight people can choose to be homosexual, is there any reason homosexuals can't choose to be straight? Just askin'.) So many young people can't see how they are being manipulated via a massive sophisticated propaganda campaign by the liberal establishment (the liberal entertainment industry, the liberal "fake news" media, and the liberal public educational system), manipulated into irrationally being pro-LGBT. Some have even been manipulated into experimenting with homosexual sex. Many youth in this country need to wake up and smell the coffee, need to see they are being targeted by some pretty corrupt people.

§ According to a June 2021 UPI story, which summarized the results of a more technical report in JAMA Pediatrics: "Between 2015 and 2019, the percentage of 15- to 17-year-olds who said they identified as 'non-heterosexual' rose from 8.3% to 11.7%, according to nationwide surveys by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention....[T]he percentage of boys who identified as non-heterosexual rose from 4.5% to 5.7%. For girls, the increase was greater---from 12.2% to 17.8%....The increase in teens who identified as non-heterosexual was not matched by a corresponding increase in same-sex intimate contact." In 2019, 6.4% of boys supposedly engaged in same-sex sexual contact, and 20.5% of girls according to that JAMA Pediatrics report. Note the discrepancy between the 5.7% and 6.4% figures for boys, and the 17.8% and 20.5% figures for girls. Be very careful about trusting the results of surveys and polls. Agenda-driven people can manipulate them for propaganda purposes to try to sway public opinion. Surveys and polls have been corrupted in the quest for power. (UPI story: "More U.S. teens identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, study says," by Cara Murez, June 16, 2021.)

§ According to a September 2020 report by Gallup, titled Americans Remain Distrustful of Mass Media, only "9% in U.S. trust mass media 'a great deal'" and only "31% 'a fair amount'", while "27% have 'not very much' trust and 33% 'none at all.' The percentage with no trust at all is a record high, up five points since 2019."

§ From the Harvard Kennedy School publication Education Next: "[M]ore than half of Americans, 52 percent, believe higher education is headed in 'the wrong direction,' while only 20 percent believe it is generally headed in the 'right direction,' according to a survey by the think tank Populace. What's more, 67 percent of Americans believe that colleges and universities put their own institutional interests first, compared to those who believe they put students (9 percent) or the greater good (4 percent) first" ("Why So Many People Are Disappointed With Their Educations---And How To Start Fixing It," Bruno V. Manno, September 16, 2020).

§ From an August 2020 report by the Media Research Center: "From June 1 [2020] through July 31 [2020], the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts focused 512 minutes of airtime on the President, or nine times more than the 58 minutes allotted to Biden....The extra airtime devoted to Trump consisted almost entirely of anchors and reporters criticizing the President. During these two months, our analysts documented 668 evaluative statements about the President, 95 percent of which (634) were negative, vs. a mere five percent (34) that were positive. Using the same methodology...we found very few evaluative statements about Joe Biden---just a dozen, two-thirds of which (67%) were positive. Do the math, and viewers heard 150 TIMES more negative comments about Trump than Biden. That’s not news reporting---that’s a negative [anti-Republican, anti-conservative] advertising campaign in action."

§ An article published in October 2019 in The American Journal of Psychiatry, “Reduction in Mental Health Treatment Utilization Among Transgender Individuals After Gender-Affirming Surgeries: A Total Population Study” by Richard Bränström, Ph.D., and John E. Pachankis, Ph.D., concluded that “the longitudinal association between gender-affirming surgery and lower use of mental health treatment lends support to the decision to provide gender-affirming surgeries to transgender individuals who seek them." However, the study was found to be so flawed that the Journal had to issue a correction in August 2020: There actually was "no advantage of surgery [for transgender individuals] in relation to subsequent mood or anxiety disorder-related health care visits or prescriptions or hospitalizations following suicide attempts."

§ "A new report [Aug. 2020] from Gallup and [the] Knight Foundation finds a widening gap between what Americans expect from the news media and what they think they are getting....Half (49%) of all Americans think the media is very biased. Fifty-six percent say their own news sources are biased, and seven in 10 are concerned about bias in the news others are getting....Three in four people (74%) worry that owners of media companies are influencing coverage, up five points since 2017. They also suspect that inaccuracies in reporting are purposeful, with 54% believing that reporters misrepresent the facts, and 28% believing reporters make them up entirely....[P]essimism about the media has deepened across the board over the past two years, [but] it is most pronounced among Republicans....Eighty-four percent of Americans say the media is to blame for political division in this country."

§ According to a July 2020 Rasmussen Poll of Likely U.S. Voters: "63% believe most major news organizations in this country have their own political agenda. Only 27% feel these news organizations generally remain impartial....Just 30% of voters trust the political news they’re getting, and 44% believe most reporters are trying to block President Trump’s agenda."

§ According to a December 2019 Gallup report: "In the United States, trust in the mass media, broadly, has fallen from 68% in 1972 to 41% today."

§ A 2019 report titled "STIFLED: 6.4 million students denied free speech by top American colleges" by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), concluded that "Millions of students nationwide check their free speech rights at the door when they arrive on campus....The report finds that 89% of American colleges maintain policies that restrict---or could too easily be applied to restrict---student expression."

§ A large 2019 study pretty much demolishes the "born that way" propaganda. From an article about the study: "A large scientific study into the biological basis of sexual behavior has confirmed there is no single 'gay gene' but that a complex mix of genetics and environment affects whether a person has same-sex sexual partners....'We scanned the entire human genome [of over 470,000 people] and found a handful---five to be precise---of locations that are clearly associated with whether a person reports in engaging in same-sex sexual behavior,' said Andrea Ganna, a biologist at the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Finland who co-led the research. He said these have 'a very small effect' and, combined, explain 'considerably less than 1% of the variance in the self-reported same-sex sexual behavior.' This means that non-genetic factors---such as environment, upbringing, personality, nurture---are far [with strong emphasis on the far] more significant in influencing a person's choice of sexual partner."

§ According to an August 2019 Rasmussen survey : "Distrust of political news reporting remains at a record high, with just over half of voters now convinced that most in the media are out to get President Trump. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 32% of Likely U.S. Voters trust the political news they are getting. Most (54%) do not. Fourteen percent (14%) are not sure."

§ Prof. Wilfred Reilly did a study of hate crimes and "determined that less than a third were genuine" (Jason L. Riley, "Hate Crime Hoaxes Are More Common Than You Think," Wall Street Journal, June 26, 2019, p. A19). Prof. Reilly detailed his findings in his book Hate Crime Hoax.

§ A good example of the bias of the liberal "fake news" media: A Media Research Center "study of every ABC, CBS and NBC evening news broadcast from January 1 through May 15 of this year [2019] found a total of 234 stories that talked about illegal immigration, but less than one-tenth of those (22, or 9%), actually informed viewers about the dramatically increasing rate of illegal crossings. Apprehensions at the U.S. border have surpassed 100,000 per month, an 11-year high."

There clearly is an illegal immigration crisis on our border, and President Trump wants to do something about it, but many Democrats (who have no problem rewarding people who break our laws, like illegal immigrants) want to downplay the crisis for cynical political reasons and the liberal "fake news" media help Democrats by downplaying the crisis. As a result of this media manipulation, 87% of respondents to a Harvard/Harris poll wrongly guessed that the number of border apprehensions was significantly lower. A majority of those respondents (52%) wildly underestimated that the rate was less than 100,000 per YEAR, which would make the problem only one-twelfth as serious as it actually is.

§ "A new [March 2019] Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 49% of American Adults believe there is less freedom of speech on U.S. college campuses than there has been in the past. This finding has been trending up from 39% in surveys since June 2016 when Rasmussen Reports first asked this question."

§ From a report in early 2019: "The American Psychological Association (APA) is now implicated in a Title IX complaint after the organization released [sexually or 'genderly' biased] guidelines alleging that 'traditional masculinity' is 'psychologically harmful' to young men and boys." According to the APA guidelines, "socialization for conforming to traditional masculinity ideology has been shown to...negatively influence mental health."

§ From a 2018 Wall Street Journal: "Half the results published in peer-reviewed scientific journals are probably wrong, John Ioannidis, now a professor of medicine at Stanford, made headlines with that claim in 2005. Since then, researchers have confirmed his skepticism by trying---and often failing---to reproduce many influential journal articles....[For example] For a 2015 article in Science [magazine], independent researchers tried to replicate 100 prominent psychology studies and succeeded with only 39% of them" (Peter Wood and David Randall, "How Bad Is the Government's Science?", April 17, 2018, p. A17).

§ From the Jan./Feb. 2018 pro-LGBT Gay & Lesbian Review: "[S]everal large studies scanning the entire human genome have not revealed a single, consistent genetic variant among males with homosexuality. Thus it is now clear that no specific 'gay gene' determines sexual orientation"(James O'Keefe, Evan O'Keefe, and John Hodes, "Evolutionary Origins of Homosexuality," p. 14). Whatever the case, whether homosexuality is natural, "nurtural," or a combination of numerous factors, it doesn't change the fact that it is demonstrably a disorder.

§ "Journalism isn't exactly held in high esteem these days....[A] recent USA Today poll...found nearly two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the mainstream media" (Lewis Beale, "Movies still in love with journalism," Chicago Tribune, Jan. 7, 2018, section 4, p. 4).

§ According to a June 2017 Rasmussen poll "Fifty percent (50%) [of likely voters] think most reporters are biased against the president...Just four percent (4%) think most reporters are biased in Trump's favor....Just 36% of voters now trust the political news they are getting."

§ According to "a Harvard University study published on Thursday [May 18, 2017]...The left-leaning mainstream media are overwhelmingly, and dramatically, anti-Trump in their coverage....Not surprisingly, Trump's coverage has been the worst of any recent American president. Trump's overall score of 80% negative coverage during the start of his presidency compares with Obama's 41%, Bush's 57% and Bill Clinton's 60%....Even the Washington Post's Bob Woodward, often credited with helping to take down [former President Richard] Nixon, advised today's reporters to 'stick to the reporting' and accused them of 'binge-drinking the anti-Trump Kool-Aid.'" And liberals wonder why Trump has called the "fake news media" the "enemy of the people." Much of the dominant media in this country are basically biased liberal propaganda machines masquerading as news outlets.

§ A 2016 study by "the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education reviewed 449 higher-education institutions...and found that 92% had policies prohibiting certain categories of constitutionally protected speech" (Frederick M. Hess and Grant Addison, "Colleges Should Protect Speech---or Lose Funds," Wall Street Journal, Oct. 31, 2017, p. A17).

§ "The latest Gallup poll [2016] finds that only 32 percent of adults 'trust the mass media,' down from 55 percent in 1999....Only 20 percent expressed strong confidence in newspapers, 21 percent in TV news and 19 percent in internet news" (Robert J. Samuelson, "Why Trump gets his jollies in attacking the media," Chicago Tribune, Feb. 26, 2017, section 1, p. 23).

§ In the category of "better late than never, welcome to the party," or the category "denial of obvious reality probably won't work in the long run," we have this admission from the homosexual magazine The Advocate: "If there is a gay gene---no researcher has found it yet" (Brenden Shucart, "The Empty Choice Argument," Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017, p. 18).

§ According to a 2016 study by the Center for Public Integrity, "more than 96 percent of donations from media figures to either of the two major-party presidential candidates [Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump] went to Hillary Clinton [as of October 2016]" (Jonah Goldberg, "Bans on donations only help reporters hide biases," Chicago Tribune, Oct. 24, 2016, section 1, p. 19).

§ A columnist for the homosexual newspaper Windy City Times has stated that the ABC network's news division is "replete with gays" (Billy Masters, "Billy Masters," Windy City Times, May 4, 2016, p. 25).

§ "Only 6 percent of people truly trust the media, according to a [2016] study by the Media Insight Project, a partnership of The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute" (Rex W. Huppke, "Trust in media is a matter of 'factpinion,'" Chicago Tribune, April 19, 2016, section 1, p. 2).

§ According to the 2014 General Social Survey: "a record low of 7 percent [of Americans] have a lot of confidence [in the media], while 44 percent have hardly any confidence at all" (Emily Swanson, "Americans show record low confidence in government," Chicago Tribune, March 12, 2015, section 1, p. 18).

§ According to a June 2014 Gallup survey: "Americans' faith in each of three major news media platforms---television news, newspapers, and news on the Internet---is at or tied with record lows in Gallup's long-standing confidence in institutions trend."

§ According to a September 2013 Gallup survey: "Americans' confidence in the accuracy of the mass media has improved slightly after falling to an all-time low last year [2012]....[Also] far more Americans say the media are too liberal than too conservative, 46% vs. 13%....Although up from the all-time low found last year, Americans' confidence in the mass media remains lower than it was in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their confidence began to decline in 2005 and has been lower since. The decline over that period is apparent among Democrats, independents, and Republicans."

§ According to Tim Groseclose, a professor of political science at UCLA and author of the book Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind: "Media bias aids Democratic candidates by eight to 10 percentage points in a typical election, every mainstream national news outlet has a liberal bias, and only four of 100 news outlets examined lean right and even those can't be considered far right" (from an editorial titled "Why The Bias Matters" in Investor's Business Daily, Sept. 7, 2011, p. A14).

§ According to the nonpartisan Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism's report on media coverage of the final days of the Obama vs. Romney presidential campaign ("The Final Days of the Media Campaign 2012"): "During this final week, from October 29 to November 5, positive stories about Obama (29%) outnumbered negative ones (19%) by 10 points....For Mitt Romney in the final week,...Negative stories in the press outnumbered positive ones 33% to 16%....All totaled, in the period from August 27-November 5, the number of unfavorable stories exceeded favorable one[s] for both men in the mainstream media, but the tone for Obama was considerably less harsh. In the end, 20% of stories during the fall period about Obama were favorable compared with 29% that were unfavorable (a gap of 9 points). For Romney, 15% of stories during this fall period were favorable while 37% were unfavorable, a gap more than twice as large as Obama's." In sum, the liberal bigots who dominate the media once again discriminated in favor of the Democrat and just may have been the deciding factor in the election.

§ Evidence that liberals finally may be slowly (too slowly) coming around on homosexuality---From Psychology Today of all places: "The best scientific surveys put the number of gays in the general population between 2 and 6 percent, with most estimates near the low end of that range---contrary to the 10 percent figure that is often reported in the popular media....[W]e know gayness is not entirely genetic....Studies suggest there is a genetic basis for homosexuality in only 50 percent of gay men. No one has yet identified a particular gay gene....There is no all-inclusive explanation for the variation in sexual orientation, at least none supported by actual evidence....[T]here are many different mechanisms, not a single one, for producing homosexuality" (Robert Kunzig, "Finding the Switch," Psychology Today, May/June 2008, pages 90 and 93).

So, they are finally throwing the long-ago discredited 10% figure under the bus, and they are indirectly admitting that 50% of homosexuals were probably NOT born homosexual and so should be able to change and become what they were born to be---heterosexual. They are also indirectly admitting that if people can be homosexual without having homosexual genes, then people can be heterosexual without having heterosexual genes. In other words, they are admitting that people born with homosexual genes (if they exist) can still satisfactorily enjoy the heterosexual lifestyle. We'll take progress where we can get it.

§ From the Dec. 31, 2007/Jan. 7, 2008 issue of U.S. News & World Report (page 25): The "American Psychiatric Association will spend the next five years producing a new edition of...The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders....[It] is hugely influential because it determines what is and is not a mental disorder....The most recent edition of the DSM, published in 1994, drew controversy because it turned what had once been a thin guidebook into an 886-page tome that significantly expanded the definition of mental illness. Traits once associated with shyness, for example, became symptoms of 'social anxiety disorder.' And drug companies went on to spend millions promoting medicines for those problems. Eyebrows were further raised in 2006 when a study showed that more than half of the researchers who worked on the manual had at least one financial tie to the drug industry" (from "Who's Behind the Bible of Mental Illness" by Kent Garber).

And regarding that new edition of the DSM, the fifth, which was released in May 2013: it's so flawed that it "has been slammed by prominent psychiatrists---including Dr. Allen Frances, head of the task force that wrote the fourth edition, who warned doctors to use it 'cautiously, if at all'" (Alice Park, "Head Case," Time, June 3, 2013, p. 16).

The APA has little credibility nowadays. They definitely do not deserve the authority to tell us what is and what is not a mental illness. We need to use whatever leverage we have to pressure psychiatrists to significantly reform or defund the wayward APA. It's a bad joke.

§ According to a 2008 study titled "The State of the News Media," by the Project for Excellence in Journalism: "The 20-year trend of public dissatisfaction with the press showed few signs of reversing course in 2007. Majorities of Americans continued to say that journalists are often inaccurate (55%), do not care about the people they report on (53%), are biased (55%), one-sided (66%) and try to cover up their mistakes (63%). Those sentiments, all more prevalent than in the 1980s, have become entrenched."

§ "According to a new survey [by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center], only 12 percent of local reporters, editors, and media executives describe themselves as conservatives, while twice as many say they're liberal. At national news organizations, the gap is wider----7 percent conservative vs. 34 percent liberal" ("More liberals at news outlets, survey says," by Randy Dotinga, Chicago Sun-Times, June 4, 2004, p. 44). In reality the situation is even more unbalanced than those statistics indicate. In that Pew study, 54 percent of news people self-described themselves as "moderate," as neither liberal nor conservative. However, as other statistics in this study suggest, many of these so-called moderates are closet liberals. For example, a stunning 88 percent of journalists believe society should approve of homosexuality while only around half of Americans believe that. Syndicated columnist George Will once noted that about 90 percent of news reporters, editors, and producers vote for Democrats not Republicans ("Free-market flavor for elections," Chicago Sun-Times, Nov. 15, 1997, p. 19). "Evan Thomas, Newsweek's Washington editor, conceded that there was media bias favoring Senator [John] Kerry [in his presidential campaign against George Bush in 2004] and speculated that it might be worth a...5-point advantage [in the election]" (John O'Sullivan, "The Limits of Media Bias," National Review, Nov. 29, 2004, p. 46). To illustrate that anti-Bush bias: "The Project for Excellence in Journalism...[found that from] Oct. 1 through Oct. 14, 2004: Percent of stories [in the mainstream media] about President Bush that are negative----59 percent. Percent of stories about Sen. Kerry that are negative----25 percent. Stories favorable to Bush? 14 percent. Favorable to Kerry? 34 percent. That is not a difference [opined syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer]. That is a chasm" ("No question about media's liberal bias," Chicago Tribune, Jan. 17, 2005, section 1, p. 19). "Mark Halperin, political director of ABC acknowledging that reporters' bias 'tilts the coverage quite frequently, in many issues, in a liberal direction.' [Plus] 'Fox News Sunday' anchor Chris Wallace, a self-described Democrat, calls the media's blatant favoritism 'astonishing.' Meanwhile, liberal journalist Juan Williams agrees with the assertion that CNN is 'in the tank' for the Democrats" (Investor's Business Daily, Nov. 1, 2006, p. A12). And finally: "An analysis of federal records shows that the amount of money journalists contributed so far this [2008] election cycle favors Democrats by a 15:1 ratio over Republicans" ("Putting Money Where Mouths Are: Media Donations Favor Dems 100-1," William Tate, Investor's Business Daily, July 24, 2008, p. A11).

§ Newsweek's Howard Fineman admitted, in the March 22, 2010 edition of the magazine, that "almost no one likes or trusts the media. The latest Gallup survey of respected institutions puts us down with the worst of the riffraff" (

§ Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington: "journalistic credibility is so low it's underground....There has been an inexorable erosion of our craft and credibility. We've lost the public trust" ("Columbia dean's great ideas ignore basics," May 26, 2003, p. 29).

§ Columnist Mona Charen, in June 2001, noted that: "In 1997 [the latest year for which statistics were available at the time she wrote this], corporations gave almost five times as much to left-leaning charities and public-policy advocates than to right-leaning ones" (Daily Herald, June 17, 2001, sec. 1, p. 16). Corporate America appears to be a bastion of liberalism.

A March 2017 National Review article titled "Why Corporate Leaders Became Progressive Activists" and subtitled "U.S. corporate activism tilts overwhelmingly to the left" reinforces that point. Fact is, college campuses have been dominated by liberal radicals for many years, and those radicals have been busy indoctrinating students with their liberal ideology, and some of those indoctrinated students (who apparently are not intelligent enough to know they were essentially paying for manipulative indoctrination instead of a decent education, who apparently are not intelligent enough to see how they were cheated out of a decent education) go on to run corporations and use their influence to advance liberalism.

§ The following news item has not been made up, shocking though it is. According to National Review magazine (Sept. 11, 2000, p. 46): "Recognizing the gap between their lesson plans and most parents' sensibilities, mainstream sex educators openly embrace a policy of secrecy. The Centers for Disease Control lauds one program, Becoming a Responsible Teen, that insists students sign a contract of secrecy: if a student talks to his parents about what he has learned in class, he is thrown out of the program."

§ According to the October 23, 2000, National Review (p. 32): "Girl Scout staffers writing in the book [On My Honor: Lesbians Reflect on Their Scouting Experience] claim that roughly one in three of the Girl Scouts' paid professional staff is lesbian." We hope we're not the only ones who find this disturbing. What are all those lesbians doing there? Are they there to prey on, to take advantage of, young girls? Lesbians do find young women sexually desirable, tempting. Perhaps it's time to start spreading the word about the Girl Scouts far and wide. And for those who would be interested in an alternative to the Girl Scouts, an alternative dedicated to upholding traditional values, you may want to check out American Heritage Girls. This group was started by those who believe the Girl Scouts have lost their way.

§ Here are a couple of interesting quotes from a homosexual writer named Paul Varnell, out of a homosexual newspaper: "Lesbians and gay men have nothing in common except mutual incomprehension" and "Almost all gay men say that they experience their desire for other men as a given, as if it were an inherent part of them. By contrast, many (but not all) lesbians say they regard their sexual desire for women as a choice" (Chicago Free Press, Nov. 30, 2005, p. 6). That item about lesbians can be explained thusly: if many lesbians know they were sexually abused by men when they were young (and many were), then they should be able to understand how they were probably not born lesbian but have "chosen" to be with women due to a fear of men.

§ "Politically, the arts community traditionally skews Democratic and liberal, and that bias is reflected in campaign contributions to the two major parties....Contributors in that [arts community] sector provided $4.7 million to Obama in the current election cycle through June 30 [2008], but it gave just $815,451 to McCain" (Charles Storch, "Arts community has long tradition of giving to Democratic Party," Chicago Tribune, Aug. 17, 2008, section 7, p. 11).