Introduction To CFSH

The Committee on Family and Social Health is a group of Chicagoland-area conservative writers and intellectuals that was established to help inform and educate the public on issues connected to morality and mental health. We are currently concentrating on homosexual issues.

Symptomatic of the crisis the culture is experiencing are the following: a high divorce rate, a high out-of-wedlock birthrate, a high teen suicide rate, a high teen drug use rate, and a high child abuse rate.

Further indications of social dissolution are: over 61 million abortions since 1973, a sexual revolution which has normalized promiscuity (sexual exploitation) and given rise to an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, the intellectual debasement of education and culture, censorship in the media and higher education, fatherless homes and the feminization of poverty, children giving birth to children, and children murdering children. These constitute damning evidence of the phenomenal growth and success of political liberalism and extreme moral relativism in penetrating and colonizing our culture.

The main section of our website contains an exhaustive explanation of why homosexual activity is immoral, irresponsible, and illegalizeable. Such an explanation is extremely important for the following reason: If homosexual activity is wrong, then it is easily logical to also conclude that homosexual "marriage" and adoptions by homosexuals and homosexual domestic partnership health benefits and school sponsored/condoned "gay/straight" groups are also wrong.

Why should we be concerned about homosexual issues? Why should they matter to us?

First, because morality is the glue that holds societies together, we need to be concerned about moral issues. Homosexual issues are moral issues. We can and do prove that homosexual activity is wrong, is immoral.

Second, we should be concerned about homosexual issues for humanitarian reasons. Since the "homosexual lifestyle" is so disease-ridden (as we'll show), for their own sakes we should try to persuade people to avoid homosexual activity.

Third, the negative consequences of homosexual activity are not restricted to homosexuals (and bisexuals). Thousands of innocent hemophiliacs died of AIDS in years past because homosexuals (and to a lesser extent bisexuals) infected the blood supply with the AIDS virus. Now that AIDS has become so widespread ("thanks" in large part to homosexuals and bisexuals), even some innocent babies have been born with AIDS. And besides that, the federal government is spending roughly $16 billion annually on sexually transmitted diseases, and state governments are spending millions more on them every year---that's money we could be spending feeding starving children around the world or finding a cure for heart disease or arthritis or helping low-income senior citizens pay for expensive prescription drugs, etc. There is a public cost for private unsafe sex. (For example, in the year 2000 the federal government spent $1.8 billion for medical treatment of poor AIDS victims, and spent $387.7 million on AIDS prevention programs, and spent $257 million for housing poor and homeless AIDS victims [Chicago Sun-Times, Sept. 10, 2001, p. 5].)

Fourth, the more homosexuals there are in the world the fewer potential mates for heterosexuals. And why would straight people want their choices of potential mates limited (especially by immoral lifestyles)?

And fifth, your civil rights are being threatened by homosexuals and their supporters: rights like freedom of speech and freedom of thought. For example, so-called "hate crime" legislation, dreamt up by modern-day Thought Police, restricts both rights.

CFSH can be emailed to or written to at: Committee on Family and Social Health, P.O. Box 08206, Chicago IL 60608-3932. Thank you for taking the time to read the material on our website.